My Old Paintings

Thanks to my digital camera that I am able to digitize my artworks and publish them in my blog. The landscape painting below is a work of my past, during the early days of painting.

Beginner's Painting of a House Landscape

It is a typical type of painting with a house, trees and mountains which was my favorite theme in the beginning because of its easiness in drawing and painting. Whenever, I wanted to draw a picture or paint, this type of picture was the first to come into my mind. It had almost become the stereotype painting for me.

If you are just into painting or arts, then I would recommend you to draw this type of pictures because they look very beautiful to you in the beginning and encourage you very much to draw more. Similarly, they are easy to draw and paint, and thus keep you motivated in your work. If you look closely at this picture, then you can see a lot of shortcomings but the picture still looks quite beautiful because of its vibrant colors! This landscape was painted using the acrylic paints.

Painting of a Simple Landscape

This picture has a very interesting story behind it! I first drew this picture as a sketch. Many days later when I was in the mood of painting, I was looking for something very easy to paint. In the meantime I remembered this picture and immediately drew its outline with a pencil and sat down to paint.

I hadn't planned well about which colors to use in it. So, I began by painting blue color in the sky. But the color I prepared for the sky become so much that it was enough to paint the whole picture. I used dark tones to make the hills distinct from the sky and ended the painting with just one color.

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