Bis Hajari Taal Photo-walk - My First Serious Photography!

It hasn't been long since I started taking photography seriously and the credit to kindle this new interest in me goes to Google+. Ever since I joined Google+ I have seen a kind of revolution in the fields of my interests and photography is just one among them. And although I have done photography before, this is the first time I am serious about it.

After collecting quite some experience vicariously from Google+, I felt like going on a real photography adventure. As a result, I decided to go to a nearby touristic place, Bis Hajari Taal ("Taal" means lake in English), and have some fun. The lake got its name from 'Bis Hajar' - a Nepali phrase meaning 20,000 - because there are a lot of water-bodies which constitute to form this lake. This place is famous for bird watching. Apart from that, one can see crocodiles on the lake especially in the winter season. And above all, this place is great for its naturally beautiful panorama!

Forest in Bis Hajari Taal Area

The lake 'Bis Hajari Taal' lies in the middle of a forest. The picture of the woods above was taken just before I could reach the lake.

Photography in Bis Hajari Taal

The lake is just beginning and you can see the bodies of water and patches of grasses here. A large part of the water body has been covered by weeds and grasses in this lake.

Bis Hajari Taal

The scene in this photograph is same as the above one, only a little change in perspective.

Irregular shape of the Bis Hajari Taal

As you can see, the lake is progressing and this photograph has captured the irregularity of the lake better than any other pictures above. The lake is very vast and more than that it is very very irregular. The whole lake can never be captured in a single shot unless it is shot from the sky. This is the reason why the lake is named 'Bis Hajari Taal'!

Main body of Bis Hajari Taal with beautiful reflection of the trees

This is the picture of the main body of the lake and probably this is one of my best shots out there. As you can see, the irregular shape of the lake and the reflection of the trees have jointly worked their magic to make this photo look beautiful.

I will publish more photographs from this photo-walk once I finish processing them.

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