Landscape Paintings

I hadn't any idea about painting until I was in grade 8. I came to know about water color then. While this is an interesting fact about me, a more amusing fact is that even after using acrylic painting for a year or so, I hadn't known its real name. Probably I learnt its name in my AS Level (equivalent to grade 11). Before that I had known it from the name of fabric (or cloth) painting.

You may wonder, how I bought those paints? Also the more intelligent of you may think that perhaps someone had gifted them to me. However, I got them by myself - from a stationery shop - but I didn't ask for them by the name "Acrylics". Had I done so - as I reflect over the matter today - probably the shopkeeper wouldn't have understood what I meant. However, buying the paints was simple to me because the shopkeeper showed me all the types of paints available there when I asked him about them by a general name - perhaps aided by some description. I had chosen the most suitable one, the Acrylic paint, for me after considering a lot of things.

Landscape Painting of a Highway

This small story of mine is just one fine example of my ignorance. I neither took painting classes nor read any literature about painting in those days. My own logic and styles used to work in most of the circumstances. However, my style had a serious demerit that it was very time consuming. Also I got to see some pictures made by using water colors in a somewhat rough but yet attractive manner and I was overwhelmed with the idea of using water colors. Since it didn't require any extra material I immediately painted the first picture in that new style.

My credit here goes to Prakash Dai! (I can only remember his first name now; he used to paint in Rana Arts Hakimchowk at the time when he had introduced this concept to me in brief for the first time.) and Navin Bhakta Adhikari sir who had taught me some of the basic concepts. However, I couldn't reap much benefits from him, which I could have easily done had I wanted. But I was the kind of person who liked to do things on his own (I still have this instinct!) and not give unnecessary burden to others and hence I didn't do that. I learnt from him, some basic concepts, when he taught me as a preparation for competitions. Although he had clearly introduced me to the styles used in the paintings of this post, I had to learn its importance by myself before I eventually wanted to experiment this style.

Hilly Landscape in Water Colors (Black and White)

Again, I made the second painting much later. Here I used water colors to make black and white style of painting. I had seen this type of style in the paintings kept in Thamel for sale during my stay in Kathmandu. Sometimes I used to visit Thamel and Basantapur area just to see the paintings made in different styles.

These paintings have taught me a lot of things - from the mistakes I have made in them - but I'll have to wait for a long time to apply this new knowledge in my upcoming paintings because I am too busy, right now, building the so-called career. Hope I will find time someday to get back to painting again!

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