My Dream Girl: So to Speak!

Portrait Sketch of my Dream Girl
Do you guys have a dream girl? (or dream boy if you are a girl?)

Women certainly have some charm in them which fascinates many of us and I am not an exception. But I'm not the person who is obsessive and crazy about girls either. For this reason, most of my friends consider me a nerdy fellow but hey, I am as fun-loving!

Another thing is that I don't have much time for fun now. (You probably might be lucky enough to have plenty of time for having fun - and with girls! Don't mean me otherwise and I swear that if I had time for fun it wouldn't be with girls and I'm not trying to act as if I'm innocent, I mean it!) Therefore, I have to enjoy whatever I do (and I don't regret it in anyway), to keep the level of fun at some height.

Let's get back. I was talking about my dream girl and she is the one - I must say! However, I don't have, and will never have, any intention to pursue her (my dream girl) seriously. For me girls are fascinating and, as I already said, I don't want to go beyond that to see the flaws and the other side of their beautiful figure. Sorry girls; I'm bound not to lie here and believe me, you don't have to be upset either because no one is perfect in this real world. Some flaws are evident while others are not and I don't want to witness your flaws which are not evident to me up to now. In fact, I will never want that.

Then why am I calling her my dream-girl? I knew you would ask me this - at least from what I just said - and here's my clarification:
I made her picture totally out of my own imagination! This means many things. First, how did the idea to draw a girl originated in my mind? Because I do have some feelings (cough! cough!) and some space for girls. Second, dream girls are pure, innocent, and more than anything "naturally beautiful" and so everyone likes their dream girl. (I haven't heard anyone say: I love this girl because she looks beautiful only after a good makeup!) Third, whatever I imagine is mostly my dream and even if you told me your dream and said, "Just Imagine how was that like!" I would imagine it in my own way, quite modified from the one you saw and described and I would give my personal touch, at least to the extent it becomes unique and my very own. So, my imagination is my dream and hence, any girl in my imagination must be my dream girl, so to speak!

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