Sketch of a Deer

I had come to know about sketching for the first time while I was pursuing my A levels in Kathmandu. Ever since I am in love with this form of art because, first the sketches don't require as much time as paintings, second they are relatively easier, and third they can be made as good as paintings since you can add as much or even more details to them.

Sketch of a Deer

I have filled almost two sketchpads with sketches and I am posting only the good ones among them here.This sketch is of the same time, while I was just learning to sketch. I drew this from a book, whose name I forgot by now because it's almost more than two years since I drew this.

This sketch of deer is very rewarding since it looks quite beautiful and real. If you are a beginner I suggest you to choose those types of pictures for drawing which are easy to draw and beautiful to look at afterwards. This will keep motivating you during your learning stage. Since the works of art are time consuming and require a lot of effort to master it is easy to get impatient and unmotivated halfway. That's why, sketching the most rewarding sketches like this one is really important for you.

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