Sketches of Landscapes

This sketch is one of the latest of my works and yet I did it some 6 months ago. By now I am approaching towards the finishing line in my quest of publishing my artworks from the past. I only have a couple of paintings left to go.

This sketch is beautiful to some extent but there's a funny mistake too. I won't point it out myself and I rather want you to point it out in the comments below. The mistake is crystal clear but you really need an eye of a artist to notice it. This makes me believe firmly that I certainly have some grasp into sketching but I still have a long way to go before I become perfect in it.

Photography has been proving a boon for me as it has allowed me to digitize and publish my artworks so easily. This has helped me give life to my sketches and paintings once again. I hope it will motivate me to work on arts again.

The sketch below is a real sketch. Sketches are meant to capture the subject of art in a rough and quick manner. This landscape lives up to that purpose of sketching and that's why I call it a real sketch!

Sketch of a Stream Landscape

Please have your say about these sketches in the comments below. And don't forget to find out the mistake that I talked about in the sketch above, especially recommend for the beginners and artists. Normal people may never notice it because that mistake can be uncovered only from the eye of an artist. So, if you don't find it then please don't lose any sleep over it.

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  1. RealEstateInvestor, it's a conceptual type of error.

  2. I think i found it. Is it under the roof?? it shows it 3D, To wich shouldnt be shown if looking at it at the perspective in wich it was drawn.

  3. @Anonymous,

    Probably you are right. But the error in this sketch I'm referring to is a bigger error and it's not what you have pointed above. It's conceptual error which I made while I was adrift into drawing and forgot what I was drawing!!

    I would say: Look at the subject of the drawing more carefully!

    Thank you for trying anyway. :)

  4. I wish I could give you a professional comment on the above portraits that you have drawn, but I am not really an artist. I feel that these portraits are very expressive your inner feelings. As for the deer, it looks natural, very much like a real one with the kind of alert expression on its face and in its eyes. The deer fits in perfectly in the woody habitat you have painted. With its left leg lifted a little bit, it looks quite like it's on its usual foraging, quite relaxed (but alert by its facial look). 

  5. Thank you Taz for your professional comments. As far as I can guess, your comment is based on the picture on another post. It doesn't matter much but you could have got a much clearer view of the drawing had you seen it on its own post. Anyway, thank you for your compliments once again.

  6. hey great sketch buddy but i think one who needs to step into your house needs to poses a boat coz you have made waterway in front of the door.. i think a painter like you wants some privacy from outsiders entering your dwelling. And by the way is it the flaw that you've mentioned?

    To add more is that tree floating in air?

  7. Yes, that's the flaw which I have mentioned in the passage. You have a good sense of humor when you mentioned that I would need some privacy. Of course, I would need one but only when I am not alone!!

    By the way, do you see the tree floating? You have good imagination as well! :)
    Anyway, thanks for dropping in and thanks for your sweet comment!

  8. I thought the flaw was that you didn't sketch a reflection of the house in the water! It never occurred to me that it was unusual to have a water way leading to the house. I am slightly embarrassed.