Sketches of Temples

Sketch of Maula Kalika Temple
This is the sketch of famous Maula Kalika temple situated on top of a hill in Gaidakot of Nawalparasi district. It is also known as "Danda Kalika" ("डाँडा कालिका") because of its location on top of the hill.

Devotees from all over Chitwan and Nawalparasi visit this temple everyday to worship Goddess Kalika. However, the number of visitors is usually higher in Tuesday and Saturday and various other religious festivals and occasions because of the religious causes.

The temple lies on the hilltop and you need to take a half an hour walk uphill to reach the there. On the way you can get to enjoy the sights of the forests, statues of Gods and so on. There are some stops where you can take photographs or rest for a while if you get tired. After you reach to the top you can see the panoramic views on all the directions. Therefore, this temple is important not only from religious point of view but also from the touristic point of view.

The temple below is the temple of Maitidevi from which the place got its name. It lies in the north of Maitidevi Chowk in Kathmandu. This is the sketch I made on the spot visiting the temple although I edited it later. I made this during my stay in Kathmandu and since I used to live near this area I used to visit this temple occasionally.

Sketch of Maiti Devi Temple

This temple is famous among the local people of Maitidevi and Dillibazar. Many people residing there visit the temple regularly in the morning and in the evening to worship Goddess "Maitidevi".

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