Historical Landscape

Sketch of a Castle, Urban Landscape, Building
I drew this sketch by seeing a sketch from the web. So, I don't know much about it. I had sketched this picture as well while learning to make sketches.

At a glance, it resembles a historical place with buildings of archeological importance. However, I'm not even sure whether it is real or imaginary!

The computer processing of this image was really interesting. I took three snaps of the sketch and cropped them in photoshop. Out of the three I could only manage to get one sketch with optimum exposure of light that I wanted. The other two were frustrating with no good exposure. They looked better from other perspectives, but since light plays a major role in photography, it is not only important to achieve good exposure of light but also very difficult and challenging. It is perhaps the most challenging part of imaging (photography). I feel lucky to have done this one correctly although in the third attempt.

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