Download Bis Hajari Taal Photo Album Absolutely Free!

Many DOS and a few DONT'S and there you get my first "Bis Hajari Taal Photo Album" absolutely free for download.

Here are some DOS about how you can use my images:
  1. You can use them to print post cards and send them to your friend, relatives or anyone you like.
  2. You can use them as your desktop wallpaper.
  3. If you are a website designer, you can edit them and use them to create banners, slide shows, background texture, etc.
  4. If you are a blogger, then you can use these images to enhance your blog posts. Link back (to this website) and credits mentions will be highly appreciated.
  5. You can use these images in any way you like for the personal purpose.
  6. If you are a graphics designer, then you can use these images in your graphics, and animation.
  7. You can edit and enhance these images in Photoshop or any other post processing software and of course make use of them.

And here are some DONT'S:
  1. Don't use them for commercial purposes like selling and making money out of them. These images aren't of high quality and hence selling them by getting them free from this blog is simply cheating. Instead you can direct them to this blog so that they don't have to pay for them.
  2. Don't re-upload them in your own websites to allow downloads to your visitors. Why clutter the web with duplicate content? So, just link back if you want to allow downloads to your visitors.
  3. Avoid any other uses which seem inappropriate, or which leads me, the photographer of these images, into trouble of any kind resulting from your misuse/abuse of these photographs.

How to download?
It's very simple. I have shared the album with everyone (meaning you as well) from my Windows Live Sky Drive at this link. Click the link and you'll get to view as well as download all the images from there. (Don't worry. You'll see a link where it will be clearly written 'Download' at the right panel.)

You can have a quick preview here.

As of now you can only download one image at a time. That's not bad for you as well in my opinion because you may not need all the images. Furthermore, you can have a full preview of the image before you download and that way you can be sure that you are selecting the right image for you and you avoid the unnecessary images.

Happy Downloading! Happy Sharing!

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