Watercolor Paintings of Mountains

Mountains are the classical landscape paintings, I would say. It is very pleasing to paint them and not only that, it is pleasing to view them as well. And they are the most common painting subjects for the beginners and amateur painters like me.

Watercolor Painting of Mountain in Warm Mood

This is the most satisfying watercolor painting of mountain I have ever made. The painting is simple and effective. The roughness makes it look beautiful rather than spoiling the painting and that is what I always wanted my paintings to be like: leaving back the roughness and carelessness without leaving the awkwardness! The trick to this is to withdraw yourself from painting when that 'correcting' instinct starts coming to your mind. The painting will look good in overall and you'll see the areas where you make mistakes so that you can avoid them next time!

Watercolor Painting of Mountain in Wet Mood

This is second painting of mountain in a unique mood and setting, that is, the period just after the rain. This one was done within under 15 minutes of time in a rough and quick style. Because of the simplicity of the scene, and small size of the cartridge it was possible to paint this mountain quickly.

This watercolor painting is the most detailed one among the mountain paintings here. The painting is composed of not only mountains but much more things like the hills with villages, forests, and so on. Therefore, this painting is more realistic and representative of the real landscape.

This painting made me understand the real power of watercolor. The details presented in this painting were neither carefully thought of, nor painted with due attention. However, the details have come out well and that's the specialty of this painting. which is only possible with watercolors. The colors somehow come to fit the scene with watercolor paints!

Feel free to leave your inspiring comments or valuable critics about my paintings below. :)

Rough & Quick Watercolor Adventure!

In this post, I am sharing some rough, quick and really simple watercolor paintings based upon the theme of "landscape with water bodies".

Watercolor Painting of Lake

This is probably the quickest and neatest watercolor work, I've ever done. It still took me about 15 minutes to complete this watercolor painting in a small 17 x 14 cm paper. The landscape is really simple, clear and perfect for you to try! The scene is of a lake in autumn.

Watercolor Painting of Riverside Landscape

This landscape is a free hand painting. I made it casually to utilize the leftover paint. The scene in this painting is a riverside landscape.

Painting of River in Hilly Landscape

This is probably the roughest work I have ever done, with very quick strokes of brush. The landscape is not quite detailed and clear but it can be deduced that it is a hilly landscape with rivulet in the focus. It was done in the aggressive mood but was revised to add some more contrast in the picture.

Watercolor Art of Lakeside Landscape

This was also done in an aggressive mood as the previous work! However, it took almost an hour to complete. The paper is larger, i.e., twice the size of the paper used in the above three paintings. The scene tries to portray the scene of a lakeside landscape in two different types of mood, rain and the sun.

How is my aggressive watercolor adventure? Leave your views in the comments below.

Watercolor Painting Practice

At present, I am practicing watercolor painting to excel this form of art. I took a few initiative actions as well in this direction. For example, I went to meet my school level art teacher a couple of weeks ago. I expressed my desire to work further on arts and he consulted me with his ideas and issued a book from the school library for me to practice painting with watercolor.

Watercolor of Temple Landscape

This is the first painting, I made from the book. The landscape is good, but I overdid it to some extent. I couldn't contend myself in three layers! I was trying to create darkness by repeatedly applying a light color. So, I learnt a lesson that I should determine the intensity of color at the time of mixing it with water.

Mountain Scene in Watercolor

This is a second painting. Here, except for the mountain, the color is almost fine. The color went too dark at the top of the mountain, where it should be fading and light. Here, I made second kind of mistake, I didn't allow the first layer to dry enough. Since the mountain can be highly contrasting, the first layer should be totally dried before applying the second and so on. I hope to improve this in my coming works.

Landscape of Sea and Waves

This painting was made to practice sketching fast with watercolor. This was made prior to the above paintings, although I added a few strokes later.

Trees Landscape painted Freehand

This one and the following painting are the practice of painting freehand. No outline or sketch was drawn before painting these paintings. My art teacher told me that I should add more colors to this painting, which I think is true. I'll be doing that soon.

Trees and Pond Landscape painted Freehand

This one is also overdone like the first painting. I was never confident with the color. So, I had to repeatedly add color. I have repeated all the mistakes I have made in the above paintings here. However, I am not discouraged.

Another initiative action I took was to search for a good brush. For that, I wandered to all the hardware stores in the town. However, I couldn't find a single brush that was specially designed to paint with watercolor. Nevertheless, I bought one brush because it was quite cheap and it was robust in design. I hope this brush will be useful in my coming works.

Please note that these are practice works. You can also try them out! :)

Simple Rural House Landscapes

The houses in the rural areas are made up of mud, stones and woods using the traditional technology. The roofs are usually made of straw, hay, plant stalks, or stone slates. The walls are mainly stones and mud. Wooden pillars are used to support roofs and first floor. In short, the rural houses have a rugged design and therefore, they look beautiful in the sketches and paintings.

Sketch of Round House Landscape

This house in this sketch is very unique in its round shape. This type of houses can be seen in the upper hilly areas of Nepal. This is a very old design of house and it now rarely made. This has perhaps been succeeded by the rectangular designs.

Sketch of Ordinary Rural House

This is rectangular in shape as opposed to the previous one. It is a most common type of build of the rural thatched roof houses.

Sketch of a Surrealistic Hut

This is a bit surrealistic looking sketch of hut made by exaggerating its different parts.

Sketch of Small Hut

This is a common type of hut found in village areas. It is a temporary house and usually, poor people inhibit this type of hut.

Drawing of Ordinary Hilly House

This one is among the most robust type of rural houses. The pillars, doors and windows are all made up of hard wood. Similarly, the build of the wall is also strong. And the roof is made up of slate stone. So, this type of house is quite strong in comparison to the houses above.

If you find these sketches unique or helpful, please share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Easy House Landscape Drawings

I am going to share drawings of simple house landscapes in this post. If you are a beginner this page would be perfect to begin drawing house landscapes. So, be ready with your pencil, perhaps a 2B, 4B or 6B one, and sketchpad to draw different types of houses.

Very Easy House Drawing

This above house is a simple one to get started. It's perfectly fine for beginners. However, for experts eye this isn't pleasing. Why? Because of the straight lines!

I'm not yet in the position to comment about the straight lines. However, what I think is that the straight lines ruin the melody of the rugged landscape. In other words, straight line drawing would resemble more of an architect's design of a building rather than the artistic houses of an artist. So, in any way, it would be better to avoid such lines in your future drawings and artworks.

Simple House & Landscape Sketch

This sketch somehow corrects the mistake made in the first sketch. There aren't many single lines! Even the trees aren't symmetric and have straight lines. So, this sketch is artistically much better than the previous one. Although, this is not excellent, it is not bad either. If you think you can try this, go on!

Simple House Landscape with Trees

Here the house is a bit small and looks more like a hut. The rugged landscape and the surrounding trees make the house artistic and real.

Sketch of Birendra International Conference Center (BICC)

This sketch truly looks like an architect's design, much more so than the first picture with straight lines! This is the sketch of Birendra International Conference Center (BICC) of Nepal. It's my very old work and it took a lot of time to sketch it in the precise manner as reflected in this image itself. Although, it's not complete, major parts have been covered well. This kind of work isn't recommended in arts perhaps but good for your practice if you are going to become an architect.

Kathmandu Durbar Square Sketch

This landscape is the sketch of Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square (also known as Kathmandu Durbar Square) situated in Basantapur, Kathmandu.

I made this on the spot but very long ago. Perhaps this is my first "on-the-spot" sketch!

Rural House Landscape Drawing

This is one of my beautiful (although not perfect) work of a rural house landscape. This sketch made me more confident about my own skills. This sketch has quite a few straight lines, if any, and it can be pleasing to the experts as well. Whatever, this simple rural house landscape can be a good practice for you if you are a beginner. I wish you good luck for your practice.

Easy House Picture for Drawing Practice

This is a casual drawing of a small house. Good to practice for beginners and useless for experts!

Sketches of Mt. Everest and Mt. Machhapuchhre

I have made two sketches of the mountains which we, especially the people of Nepal, pride upon: Mt. Everest and Mt. Machhapuchhre. Both of these mountains lie in the Himalayas, that is, northern part of Nepal. However, the Himalayas stretches beyond the territory of Nepal. India and China both have some share of the mountain peaks in the Himalayas, but the heart of it falls in Nepal.

Sketch of Mt. Everest

This first sketch is of course, Mt. Everest, the top of the world. It's the highest peak of the world with the height of 8850 metres and many people climb this mountain every year. Apart from that, it's image is included in our currency and our national symbols. Therefore, Mount Everest (also known as Sagarmatha) is rightly the pride of our country.

Sketch of Machhapuchhre

This second sketch is of Mt. Machhapuchhre. Mt Machhapuchhre is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Annapurna Mountain Range. It is known as Fish Tail in English, as it literally resembles the tail of a fist. The word Machhapuchhre is a Nepali word which translates into Fish Tail in English.

I completed both of these sketches within 30 minutes each! So, it seems like I have finally understood the real meaning of sketch (a quick rough drawing work). And if you would like to see the sketches of more and more mountains then click this link. I have published a lot of my sketches of mountains there for you to practice drawing them.

Rough Quick Sketch of Aloe Vera

Here is a rough quick sketch of Aloe Vera plant. If you want to learn more about aloe vera and see its photograph then please follow this link. Aloe Vera is indeed a very beneficial plant and it has many health benefits and cosmetic applications. It can be especially beneficial for anyone who wants to take better care of their skin and beauty since it can be applied to skin and hair directly.

Easy Sketch of Aloe Vera

Now, being back to this sketch, it's an easy job which you can also practice doing. It didn't took me long to get this sketch. That's why I called this one a rough quick sketch!

Please do not forget to leave your opinions in the comments below. Good bye for today!

Simple Sketches of Mountains

The purpose of this website is to provide some easy drawing pictures for you to practice. So, I am going to share with you some really easy sketches of mountains in this post along with some tips on how to draw mountain sketches.

Easy sketch of Mt. Ama Dablam

Mt. Ama Dablam

Easy Drawing Picture of Mt. Dhaulagiri

Mt. Dhaulagiri

Tips for sketching mountains:
  1. Hold the pencils loosely in your hand.
  2. Vary the tones by changing the pencils from 2B to 6B.
  3. Make the mountains more zigzag and then only they will look like real mountains. Otherwise, they may look like a triangle.
  4. Use some sort of reference, such as a photograph or a real object, to draw the picture. And before you begin, study the photograph carefully. Read the shapes and lines. Make up your mind about which aspects you will emphasize. Ignore the part which is difficult to draw but doesn't add any value to the sketch.
  5. You can add your own creativity to the reference.
  6. Leave the white space for the snow! This is quite important.
  7. Do not overdo the drawing. Once you have roughly completed a sketch, proceed to the next sketch. If you try to improve the same picture then you may spoil it instead of improving.
  8. Lastly, learn from your mistakes. Mistakes are common, and so, take them naturally. However, do not forget to learn a lesson from each of them.

Here are some more sketches of mountains for you to practice:

Drawing Picture of a Simple Mountain for Practice

This one can be the easiest mountain for you to draw as this one is imaginary and none of its part is complex.

Drawing of a Mountain

Mount Everest from the north face as seen in Tibet!

Easy Drawing of a Simple Mountain

I hope these sample sketches and tips will be really useful for you to practice drawing mountains.

If you want to see or practice more sketches of mountains, then visit this page where I have posted sketches of Mt. Everest and Mt. Machhapuchhre.

Sketches of Roses

Sketching roses isn't an easy job, especially not for me. However, it is one of the most tempting thing to do since rose is perhaps the most liked flowers of all.

Here's my latest sketch of rose.

Rose Sketch

I made this by referencing a photograph picture.

Lightly Drawn Sketch of a Rose

I made this rose from online reference.

Sketch of a Rose

I made this one by referencing a poster picture.

These are the old ones.

Sketch of a White Rose

In this sketch, I shaded the background to produce a white rose. I wasn't sure whether the effect would work but it did to some extent.

WIP Rose Sketch

This is a work-in-process sketch of a rose. Until this stage the rose was going fine. However, it went bad after this point, especially when I had to do the leaves and the stem.

Rose Sketch for Practice

Finally, I made another sketch of the same flower above. It was also equally difficult but I managed to convince myself that it was okay and worth sharing with you.

Please share your views about these sketches in the comments below and motivate me to make more and more sketches in the days to come!

Casual Snaps Turned Beautiful!

Sometimes you casually click on the shutter button of the camera and get a beautiful shot. This post is all about such snaps which were taken casually but later turned out into beautiful photographs.

This is the antenna at the Bharatpur Municipality office of Chitwan. On one of my visits to the Municipality I was asked to wait for some time before my work could be done. Therefore, I utilized the spare moments in exploring the office building. The antenna in this picture was on the roof of the Municipality office building.

This second photograph is of the same antenna but taken from a different perspective. I hope you will appreciate this shot too even though it is almost the same as the first one.

In my opinion, the slanted view of the antenna has contributed a lot to the beauty of this photograph.

This is the snap of the beautiful blue sky on a hot but a cloudy summer afternoon.

This is also another snap of the beautiful blue sky taken on just another perfect day.

I just moved a bit from the above scene and got this one.

On moving a bit more I got this shot of a dark blue sky.

On further moving towards the right, I got this shot of the large dark clouds.

All these photographs were taken from my mobile's 2MP camera. All these photographs except the first two were taken from my home itself!

Most of these photographs turned beautiful just because of the adequate light of the sun during the hot summer days when these photographs were taken.

All your constructive comments and critiques will be welcomed in the comments below.

Tharu Village in Eastern Chitwan

The photographs I am sharing in this post are from Eastern Chitwan. I promise you that you'll see something new in this post as you scroll down the post.

Photo of a scenic Landscape

This place was quite beautiful naturally. It was on the way to the Tharu Village (I am just calling it a Tharu Village because this place was mostly inhibited by Tharu people. They are the indigenous people of Chitwan and the Terai.)

Landscape Photograph of a Stream

Same location as above but a slight change in the view and a little more revealing of the river landscape.

Photograph of a Stream from the Bridge

This is the photo taken from the middle of the bridge. The location is same as above.

Tharu Houses

This photograph gives you some glimpse of the beautiful Tharu Houses constructed with mud and roofed with tiles. The greenery of the creeping vegetables on the house roofs are natural ornaments of these houses.

Tharu Houses

This is another shot which shows the beauty and simplicity of the rural houses.

Tharu Culture

The sticks on the front yard of the house drew my attention and I took these photographs wondering what these sticks (or something else) were meant for? You are welcome to give your opinion on this in the comments below if you have any.

Tharu Village

Did you miss the third photograph or is this one taken from a different angle?

Paddy fields and the Sky

This is the large paddy field in the Eastern Chitwan. That single tree in the middle of these large paddy fields took my attention as I passed by these fields.

Face of the Goat

This is the front face of the goat taken closely as it stared at me. Goats were common domestic animals in Eastern Chitwan.

Head of the Goat

This photograph is just a side view of the goat and it covers a bit more than the face above.

Grazing of the Goats

This photograph shows the goats grazing. What took my attention while taking this photograph was the style the goats were fed with fodder. The grass was stuffed in the net to make it round and the goats pulled the grass from the holes in the net. That way the wastage of fodder could be reduced. This unique way of feeding the goats was new and amazing to me.

Photograph of three cute Lambs

This last photograph is of three beautiful lambs which are so cute that they are worth capturing in my camera.

That's all, and as always your constructive comments and critiques will be warmly welcomed.