Color Pencil Drawing of Deer!

In this post, I am sharing with you the color pencil drawing of deer.

Drawing of a Deer
Color Pencil Drawing of a Deer

This drawing of the deer is done on a A3 (24.5 x 34.5 cm) sized chart paper using only the color pencils. This sketch portrays only the head of the deer.

I love the easiness, comfort and flexibility of color pencils. They are quite handy.

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  1. is it da same one that i saw few yrs back when we were in school..anyway this is really a good art..u r such a marvellous artist...hope to c ur new art of luck n keep it up dude...

    1. Hello, since you haven't entered your name I can't say whether I have shown it to you or not. This drawing of deer is three years old, at least, and hence I don't remember much about it now.

      Thank you for appreciating my arts. I'll be publishing my next art soon. Hope to get your comment again but with your name!