First Real Landscape Sketch From Me

For the first time, I drew an almost complete sketch of a landscape on the spot! I am sharing you that sketch along with a photograph of the real scene in this post.

The landscape below is the outcome of my 3 hours of hard labor.

Sketch Details:
Size: 14 x 17.5 cm
Pencils: 2B, 4B & 6B Camlin Lead Graphite pencils
Paper: 220 gram paper
I have used fingers to smooth the shading. The grainy look of the sketch is because of the texture of the paper I used for drawing this.

This is the photograph of the real scene. The photo was taken by zooming the scene and hence it isn't of good quality. Although I could have taken the photo from a nearer location, I didn't do so because, the perspective would then be distorted and the image would look quite different from the sketch I made above. That would make the reference look altogether different from the sketch and hence I had to forsake the quality of photo.

I know that it isn't perfect and I need to improve a lot. However, this is my first try of doing the real scene and I am quite motivated to make more landscape sketches in the days to come!

Your feedback is welcome as always.

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