Casual Snaps Turned Beautiful!

Sometimes you casually click on the shutter button of the camera and get a beautiful shot. This post is all about such snaps which were taken casually but later turned out into beautiful photographs.

This is the antenna at the Bharatpur Municipality office of Chitwan. On one of my visits to the Municipality I was asked to wait for some time before my work could be done. Therefore, I utilized the spare moments in exploring the office building. The antenna in this picture was on the roof of the Municipality office building.

This second photograph is of the same antenna but taken from a different perspective. I hope you will appreciate this shot too even though it is almost the same as the first one.

In my opinion, the slanted view of the antenna has contributed a lot to the beauty of this photograph.

This is the snap of the beautiful blue sky on a hot but a cloudy summer afternoon.

This is also another snap of the beautiful blue sky taken on just another perfect day.

I just moved a bit from the above scene and got this one.

On moving a bit more I got this shot of a dark blue sky.

On further moving towards the right, I got this shot of the large dark clouds.

All these photographs were taken from my mobile's 2MP camera. All these photographs except the first two were taken from my home itself!

Most of these photographs turned beautiful just because of the adequate light of the sun during the hot summer days when these photographs were taken.

All your constructive comments and critiques will be welcomed in the comments below.

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