Photography in Tihar (Diwali)

Tihar, also known as Diwali or Deepawali, is one of the most cherished and important festival of Nepal. It is considered as the second largest festival of the Hindus, especially of Nepal, after 'Dashain'. Decoration of houses during the evenings of the five days of Tihar, which is in fact known as 'Deepawali' is one of the major attraction of this festival.

A beautifully decorated house in Diwali
A beautifully decorated house!
Enticed with the beautiful decoration on this grand festival, I took out my camera and headed to shoot my neighborhood one evening of Diwali. On the first day, I couldn't shoot much because of the battery run-out. So, I continued my quest the next day as well.

One problem I faced so heavily during this particular photography adventure, was the shaking of the camera while shooting. First of all, the lights were not still and second, I didn't have a tripod to fix my camera to avoid the shaking (or the movement) of the camera while snapping. Despite the unavailability of full equipment, I, however, succeeded in getting some good shots anyway which I am going to share with you in this post. I hope you'll enjoy viewing them!

Deepawali - Lights in Mini-temple (Mairo)

This shot above is of a 'mini-temple', called 'matha' in Nepali. Generally, everyone have this kind of structure in their houses where they plant a religious plant, basil, also known as 'tulsi' in Nepali.

The lights on the outside are candles while the one inside a triangular shape is called 'Diyo'.

Lights on the way to a House in Diwali (Deepawali)
It is believed that Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth, blesses those people whose house is well-lighted and well-decorated. People have a faith that Goddess Laxmi's blessings are vital for economic prosperity of the family. Therefore, they make their houses as beautiful as possible to welcome the Goddess of wealth into their house and get her blessings.

The photograph on the left-hand side portrays a yard, a small space in front of a house, decorated by creating a way to the door of the house lighted by candles or 'Diyo'. People often make footprints of the Goddess with rice flour. Similarly, they make various designs and shapes using 'abir', a red-colored dye, 'kesari', an yellow colored dye, and white rice flour. Therefore, every houses look extremely beautiful during this festival.

Below are a few shots capturing the glimpse of the decoration of houses in the evening using various types of lights.

Well decorated House and Yard
Well decorated yard and house!

A house covered in Light
A house covered in lights!

Well-decorated House in Diwali
Another beautifully decorated house!

Diyo on Swastika sign in Diwali
'Diyo' lit in the middle of a yard, inside the symbol of 'Swastika'!

Star of Light
The star made of light!

Abstract Photograph of Light
Abstract image formed from light!

Abstract Art of Light
Artistic photograph!

Actually these last two photographs are the deformed ones, although they have formed a beautiful pattern. The shaking of the camera caused the photographs to form these kinds of abstract shapes.

So, these are my photographs from 'Diwali' or 'Tihar'. How do you find them? Don't forget to share your views about them in the comment below.

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