Tharu Village in Eastern Chitwan

The photographs I am sharing in this post are from Eastern Chitwan. I promise you that you'll see something new in this post as you scroll down the post.

Photo of a scenic Landscape

This place was quite beautiful naturally. It was on the way to the Tharu Village (I am just calling it a Tharu Village because this place was mostly inhibited by Tharu people. They are the indigenous people of Chitwan and the Terai.)

Landscape Photograph of a Stream

Same location as above but a slight change in the view and a little more revealing of the river landscape.

Photograph of a Stream from the Bridge

This is the photo taken from the middle of the bridge. The location is same as above.

Tharu Houses

This photograph gives you some glimpse of the beautiful Tharu Houses constructed with mud and roofed with tiles. The greenery of the creeping vegetables on the house roofs are natural ornaments of these houses.

Tharu Houses

This is another shot which shows the beauty and simplicity of the rural houses.

Tharu Culture

The sticks on the front yard of the house drew my attention and I took these photographs wondering what these sticks (or something else) were meant for? You are welcome to give your opinion on this in the comments below if you have any.

Tharu Village

Did you miss the third photograph or is this one taken from a different angle?

Paddy fields and the Sky

This is the large paddy field in the Eastern Chitwan. That single tree in the middle of these large paddy fields took my attention as I passed by these fields.

Face of the Goat

This is the front face of the goat taken closely as it stared at me. Goats were common domestic animals in Eastern Chitwan.

Head of the Goat

This photograph is just a side view of the goat and it covers a bit more than the face above.

Grazing of the Goats

This photograph shows the goats grazing. What took my attention while taking this photograph was the style the goats were fed with fodder. The grass was stuffed in the net to make it round and the goats pulled the grass from the holes in the net. That way the wastage of fodder could be reduced. This unique way of feeding the goats was new and amazing to me.

Photograph of three cute Lambs

This last photograph is of three beautiful lambs which are so cute that they are worth capturing in my camera.

That's all, and as always your constructive comments and critiques will be warmly welcomed.

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