Simple Rural House Landscapes

The houses in the rural areas are made up of mud, stones and woods using the traditional technology. The roofs are usually made of straw, hay, plant stalks, or stone slates. The walls are mainly stones and mud. Wooden pillars are used to support roofs and first floor. In short, the rural houses have a rugged design and therefore, they look beautiful in the sketches and paintings.

Sketch of Round House Landscape

This house in this sketch is very unique in its round shape. This type of houses can be seen in the upper hilly areas of Nepal. This is a very old design of house and it now rarely made. This has perhaps been succeeded by the rectangular designs.

Sketch of Ordinary Rural House

This is rectangular in shape as opposed to the previous one. It is a most common type of build of the rural thatched roof houses.

Sketch of a Surrealistic Hut

This is a bit surrealistic looking sketch of hut made by exaggerating its different parts.

Sketch of Small Hut

This is a common type of hut found in village areas. It is a temporary house and usually, poor people inhibit this type of hut.

Drawing of Ordinary Hilly House

This one is among the most robust type of rural houses. The pillars, doors and windows are all made up of hard wood. Similarly, the build of the wall is also strong. And the roof is made up of slate stone. So, this type of house is quite strong in comparison to the houses above.

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  1. Thanks Prem! I was particularly interested in the Nepalese hut.

    1. Thank a lot Mike for your comment. I'm glad to learn that you are interested in Nepalese hut! Although its not desirable for the people to live in huts they make good theme for arts and are equally good for sightseeing.

      Also, it is wonderful to live in hut for pleasure! Do you know that they are naturally air-conditioned? The materials used in making them provide good insulation against heat and cold.