Watercolor Painting Practice

At present, I am practicing watercolor painting to excel this form of art. I took a few initiative actions as well in this direction. For example, I went to meet my school level art teacher a couple of weeks ago. I expressed my desire to work further on arts and he consulted me with his ideas and issued a book from the school library for me to practice painting with watercolor.

Watercolor of Temple Landscape

This is the first painting, I made from the book. The landscape is good, but I overdid it to some extent. I couldn't contend myself in three layers! I was trying to create darkness by repeatedly applying a light color. So, I learnt a lesson that I should determine the intensity of color at the time of mixing it with water.

Mountain Scene in Watercolor

This is a second painting. Here, except for the mountain, the color is almost fine. The color went too dark at the top of the mountain, where it should be fading and light. Here, I made second kind of mistake, I didn't allow the first layer to dry enough. Since the mountain can be highly contrasting, the first layer should be totally dried before applying the second and so on. I hope to improve this in my coming works.

Landscape of Sea and Waves

This painting was made to practice sketching fast with watercolor. This was made prior to the above paintings, although I added a few strokes later.

Trees Landscape painted Freehand

This one and the following painting are the practice of painting freehand. No outline or sketch was drawn before painting these paintings. My art teacher told me that I should add more colors to this painting, which I think is true. I'll be doing that soon.

Trees and Pond Landscape painted Freehand

This one is also overdone like the first painting. I was never confident with the color. So, I had to repeatedly add color. I have repeated all the mistakes I have made in the above paintings here. However, I am not discouraged.

Another initiative action I took was to search for a good brush. For that, I wandered to all the hardware stores in the town. However, I couldn't find a single brush that was specially designed to paint with watercolor. Nevertheless, I bought one brush because it was quite cheap and it was robust in design. I hope this brush will be useful in my coming works.

Please note that these are practice works. You can also try them out! :)

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