Sketch of Car subsequently painted using Watercolor

Here's a quick and simple sketch of a car. Hope you will like this.

Sketch of a Car

Feedback, comments and critiques welcome.


After about 10 months of sketching, I have painted this sketch using watercolor and here's the paintwork. I painted this using the leftover paints after doing a portrait and I did it quite quickly. That turned out to be okay and therefore, I decided to share it through my blog. FYI, the above sketch is a cropped up image of the full image, as seen in the painting below.

Watercolor Painting of Car
Painting of the previous Sketch
Suggestions are welcome in the comments below.

Sketch of Babies

I did this sketch from a poster of a baby boy. The tagline "God speaks to us in many ways" is also from the same poster. The hat was quite complex but I managed to simplify it.

Sketch of a Baby Boy

Hope you liked it!


The following sketch is of a rural scenery in Nepal with Mount. Machhapuchhare (Fishtail) in the background. The houses are typical hilly region houses made mainly of stones, mud and wood. The roof is of slate stone which is especially used for roofing. Such houses are very common in the hilly areas.

Houses Landscape in the Hilly Region

The following landscape is of a religious place of Hindus.

Religious Site Landscape

Both of these pieces are made with quick strokes of lead pencils of varying blackness.

Bipasha Basu's Sketch

After drawing sketch of Salman Khan, I did another portrait of Bollywood Actress Bipasha Basu. Hope you'll like this one too.

Sketch of Bipasha Basu

I would like to draw more portraits of the film stars in the future.

Salman Khan's Sketch

Here is a portrait sketch of Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan. I hope you'll like it.

Sketch of Salman Khan

Here's a reference photograph for this sketch:

I hope to do more sketches of Salman Khan in the future.

Still Life Sketch

Still life arts refers to portraying inanimate objects such as glasses, vases, flowers, fruits, etc. In this art, the scene can be composed by artists by placing the object in the desired manner. However, at other times the objects are portrayed without further composition. The objects are not disturbed until the artwork is over.

In this sketch, I drew brushes which I usually place in the glass as shown in this sketch. The scene is of my table where I have my art related stuffs like pencil, brushes, eraser, etc. This is my first active try at sketching still life.

Easy Drawing Pictures of Trees

The purpose of this website is to provide some easy drawing pictures for your to practice. Therefore, I am up with some really easy sketches of trees, which you can try to draw yourself and practice.

The first sketch consists of a beautiful tree in a beautiful setting. When you try to draw this sketch, wonder about how the simple shady lines provide good effect of leaves and branches.

Easy Drawing of Tree Landscape

The second sketch consists of a large tree with some textures in it. Pay attention to draw the details in its stem which is also known as trunk.

Simple sketch of Trees

Similarly, the third sketch is really simple. A single tree with a mountain in the background. Shade slightly in the place that is distant from the viewer and put dark shades on the objects which appear to be near the viewer.

Sketch of Tree

Some tips to draw trees well:

  1. Do not draw anything as a straight line. Always make curves and bending lines.
  2. Do not draw the tree symmetrical, i.e., having both equal or similar branches and leaves in both sides.
  3. Avoid monotony by using various strokes and vary tone by using the pencils of different intensity, such as 2B, 4B, 6B, etc.
  4. Draw randomly.
  5. Practice more and more.
Here's one more watercolor sketch of autumn trees:

Autum View Trees - Watercolor Sketch

It's a rough quick watercolor sketch.