Sketch of Car subsequently painted using Watercolor

Here's a quick and simple sketch of a car. Hope you will like this.

Sketch of a Car

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After about 10 months of sketching, I have painted this sketch using watercolor and here's the paintwork. I painted this using the leftover paints after doing a portrait and I did it quite quickly. That turned out to be okay and therefore, I decided to share it through my blog. FYI, the above sketch is a cropped up image of the full image, as seen in the painting below.

Watercolor Painting of Car
Painting of the previous Sketch
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Sketch of Babies

I did this sketch from a poster of a baby boy. The tagline "God speaks to us in many ways" is also from the same poster. The hat was quite complex but I managed to simplify it.

Sketch of a Baby Boy

Hope you liked it!


The following sketch is of a rural scenery in Nepal with Mount. Machhapuchhare (Fishtail) in the background. The houses are typical hilly region houses made mainly of stones, mud and wood. The roof is of slate stone which is especially used for roofing. Such houses are very common in the hilly areas.

Houses Landscape in the Hilly Region

The following landscape is of a religious place of Hindus.

Religious Site Landscape

Both of these pieces are made with quick strokes of lead pencils of varying blackness.