Religious, Historical and Natural Landscapes!

Hello Everyone! It has already been a month since I started painting full time. I have had mixed feelings and experiences during the whole time. Originally, my plan was to create one watercolor painting a day, working full time! But lately, I have started studying the theoretical aspects and other technical aspects of arts online and for the past week, I barely made a painting. I am making a comeback though.

These paintings are about two to three weeks old. One thing is common in all these paintings, that they are made by referencing photographs.

Bandipur- A Historical Place

This is the painting of Bandipur, a beautiful place of historical importance, which lies in Tanahun district of Nepal. Warm and bright colors is the specialty of this painting. It is an A3 size (28 cm x 38 cm) painting, which has already been sold out!

Swayambhu - A Buddhist Stupa

This is the bigger size painting of Swayambhunath Stupa, located in Kathmandu. I was satisfied with the way it came out, despite its complexity. It's the only big size painting among the ones here. The size is A2 which measures 38 cm x 58 cm on standard scale. It is also warm and beautiful and has already been sold out!

Seascape at Dusk

This is a seascape in the dusk, and thus the cool mood. I painted this directly without sketching and this is the most satisfying work for me. All paintings in this post are made on French Cartridge except this one. It is done on a cheap (and thin) paper and I let myself flow freely, while painting this. It's size is also A3.

Lumbini - the Birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha

It is the religious site, Lumbini, of Nepal. It is the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. Inside this beautiful building, the historical remains of the Buddha's time are preserved and are available for public viewing. This is a great site for religious tourism. This is also A3 size on French Cartridge.

Buddhist Stupa near Mt. Ama Dablam

This is the most recent of all the paintings I am sharing here. However, I was dissatisfied on how it came out. The problem lies in overwork, which is detrimental to the watercolor artworks. It is the usual A3 size as above with the Buddhist Stupa on the foreground and Mt. Ama Dablam in the background.

It was amazing to notice that, this post is highly dedicated to the followers of Buddhism because three paintings are related to Buddhism - a nice coincidence! You can follow my updates more frequently from my Facebook Page.

Thanks & Have a Nice Day! :)

Nature Paintings (Mountains & Landscapes)

This week I was busy making paintings and I was successful to make some. I am doing painting on purpose, hoping to do charitable donations of around NRs. 10,000 and therefore, I am being able to paint much more frequently. This has definitely increased my motivation and taught me a lesson that we should set a goal before doing anything, in order to be more effective. I am hoping to do even more paintings in the days to come.

Right now, I am going to share what I have been able the paint for the past couple of weeks.

Painting of a mountain
The first three paintings are the paintings of mountains. The first two were attempted simultaneously, however, the second one was completed on one sitting, whereas, the first one was given a final touch the next day. The brush work is quite important in mountains especially to carve the ridges, bulges and protruding parts of the mountains.
Painting of Mt Everest as seen from Tibet side
This mountain painting was completed on one sitting and I had to do some lifting work with the sky because of the opacity of the colors. Sky on this painting was made out of imagination in order to break the monotonous color and it almost became problematic.

Mountain Painting
This painting and the subsequent two paintings, were made on a simple chart paper (quite a thin paper) compared to the paper used for the rest of the paintings (the first two and the last one). However, this paper was much more effective and absorbent. Moreover, the texture of this paper was smoother and thus, it was easier to spread the color. The third mountain above is one fine painting which I completed in almost two hours from a reference photograph. It is one of the mountains of Nepal but I'm a bit unsure about its name.

Scene of Rhino Taal @ Chitwan
This art is the scene of Rhino Taal, a sight of the day, It was quite simple and easy watercolor work. I directly started painting this piece, without sketching and it was not bad. The painting was completed in almost about a hour and a half, which made me quite happy as I that showed an improvement in my efficiency. I was doing painting on a purpose and I wanted to be faster and more productive. I succeeded to some extent.

Old Stupa referenced from a photograph
This painting is of Buddhist Stupa which was old and redundant. I referenced this as well from the photograph and I especially enjoyed creating the details of the foreground Stupa. The background was a bit hassle, and it became problematic when I worked in rush and applied too much color. I was too impatient to wait for the previous layer to dry.

Village Scene of Hilly Area in Nepal
This painting is a disaster turned okay, and Therefore, I am here to share it with you. The houses have been totally a mesh but when looked from a distance they seem to be identifiable. That's why I could share it. The original version is more vibrant and full of colors and looks almost good when looked from a distance. I hope this will sell too when I later organize an exhibition for charity.

Your comments and specific suggestions so as how I can improve my paintings are welcome.

Portrait Painting in Watercolor

Here's a new watercolor painting of a women. This painting is the first watercolor portrait I did and this painting will also go to the collection for charity, as I explained in previous post.

This painting is not the best of the art-works. However, I think this is an indication that I can do much better with practice and motivation. However, due to various reasons (or excuses) I feel demotivated quite often. I even plan to work a lot but just don't do it. Hope, I'll be able to work out according to my plan soon.

I'm doing a new portrait commission, which will be the second watercolor portrait I'll make. The proceeds from this commission will also go to the charity. In fact, I think it will be the first sale for the charity which amounts to Rs. 500. What I just need to do is, complete it and deliver it.

Painting for Charity

My motivation to become an entrepreneur lies in serving the society: doing something for oneself and others. However, there is still a long way to go before I become an entrepreneur and it is even longer way to start making a profit, if at all. Entrepreneurship is a sustainable way to serve the society, by providing goods and services; and employment opportunities to people, conducting corporate social responsibility or CSR activities, paying Taxes to the government, and the like.

However, what about doing something for the society right now? Can I do that? If I can, then how?

Landscape painting made in A3 sized French Cartridge which is ideal for room decoration at homes.

I found the answers to these questions in my artistic activities. I was further inspired by Help Nepal Network, and my first ever donation will go to this organization. For that, I have started to make paintings and create a collection, which I can someday, exhibit and sell. The proceeds will then go for the charity. This is the first painting I made after I conceived the idea of charity, about a week ago.

In one of my previous posts, I have described how I have decided to NOT keep paintings to oneself, but give them away on a purpose. Now, with the new idea, I have found an even better purpose or use of my paintings.

A glimpse of Diwali celebration

I made this painting about a week ago, by referencing a diwali photograph which I had taken in 2012. I admit that I overdid it and made some horrible mistakes, but I hope some people will like this too. It showcases our culture of how we celebrate Diwali (Deepawali) or Tihar.

Sight of sunset in the dusk.

I made this painting about a month ago and had already posted it in my Facebook Page. This art tries to capture the sight of the sunset in the dusk. This is a smaller sized painting, exactly half of the A3 sized paper.

Portrait of a boy

This is the portrait sketch of a boy and this one looks quite artistic. I made this with quick strokes and it was indeed completed quickly which gave myself a satisfaction.

Right now, I have these four paintings in my collection which are on sale for charity. My aim is to do more paintings, collect a good amount of fund (like Rs. 10,000+), and ultimately donate it to the charity founded by Rabindra Mishra, Help Nepal Network, which is doing exemplary works in the different parts of the country.

I will keep you updated in this matter, through this blog. If you are interested to buy my paintings, please contact me in my email: or Facebook Page of this blog.

My First Still Life Painting

This is my first still life painting which I made by using Camel Artists' Watercolor on French Cartridge. While still life sketches and paintings are taught thoroughly to the art students, I never did them as I didn't go to any art school. However, it was a pleasant experience doing this painting as it was my first time. Hope you'll enjoy viewing it!

Still Life Watercolor Painting

I will keep updating as I paint more!

Watercolor Paintings

In this post I am sharing my newer artworks and a new idea that hit my mind after creating these artworks. To put it short, I have realized that I need to do something to expose my paintings, get known, and make sales so that I can continue to paint and create artworks. Money seems vital to be able to survive the high costs of the art materials like paints, brushes, paper, and so on and I have realized this in the right time.

With that thought, an idea stroke my mind which was to NOT keep any finished painting with myself. Either I should sell it off or I should do something with it so that it will be helpful for me to make leads in selling newer works.

One good idea was to give paintings to my college, which would have double benefits for me. First of all, it would be my contribution to the college to decorate it and as a result I would be remembered by the college until the painting survives. Second, many people would know me as an artist which might help me later on to sell my paintings. So, I immediately executed my idea and gave the following two paintings to the college.

These paintings have already been framed at the expense of the college, although that is not up to my expectation. But anyway, I am happy that I have pushed myself ahead to do something new. The above painting has been kept in the library of the college.

Similarly, this painting has been kept in the staff room for the teachers.

The first painting in this post was my most recent work, and I have already given it to my friend for his tuition center. In this regard, I kept my words to make a painting for him. He had requested me to make paintings even before I made these paintings.

So, I don't have any of these paintings with me now and I am happy with this decision. As of now, I have decided to give away, rather than keep artworks idle or unused with myself.

New Watercolor Paintings

I am again getting back to painting, and these four recent watercolor paintings are the proofs of what I am saying. I've been doing some portrait sketches though, which I cannot publish here for privacy reasons. I hope to do more portraits of public figures and then post them here soon.

Watercolor Scene of Mt. Ama Dablam

This is the latest one I have done. It is the scene of Mt. Ama Dablam, which is the third most popular peak in Nepal for permitted expeditions.

Rural Scene of Nepal in Watercolor Painting

This is a rural scenery with Mt. Machhapuchhre in the background. This is the portrayal of rural village of Nepal.

This is a highway in the sub-urban area.

Religious Site in Watercolor

This is a portrayal of religious site of Nepal. Nepal is full of such places which are suitable for both religious pilgrimage as well as casual tourism.

I will keep posting other works as I do.

Sketches of Scenes & a Butterfly

In this post, I am going to share a couple of landscape sketches and a sketch of a butterfly. The landscapes were drawn by referencing poster images which I had bought especially for this purpose.

Landscape Scene Sketch

This is the first scene.

Sketch of Landscape Scene

This is the second scene. I had trouble sketching the water body in both of these sketches which makes me realize that I still need to practice a lot.

Sketch of a Butterfly

This is the sketch of butterfly which I drew by referencing a image from a newspaper.

Hope to get your likes, +1, shares as wells as comments and feedback.