Landscapes of Rural Nepal

I share my paintings in my Facebook page as soon as I do them, however posting them in blog is somewhat different. I want to pack similar paintings into a single post. So, sometimes I wait until I create a few similar paintings and at other times I update the paintings in the already published post.

In this post, I would like to update one of my most recent paintings and I want to append it to the top!

Rural Nepal Landscape
This painting is made on A3 sized French Cartridge using a photo reference. I invented a new way to scan it by using my regular A4 sized scanner: scanning the upper half and the lower half separately and then combining the two using the Photoshop. Because of imaging through scanner the picture has come out clear and lively.

The following two paintings are both A4 sized paintings made in handmade paper.

Rural Landscape

This painting was referenced from a photograph but the elements have been altered hoping to make it more artistic although, I might not have become that successful in this matter.

View of Sarangkot
This one is a scene of Sarangkot which I referenced from photograph.

Rural Landscape
This painting is made on A3 sized French Cartridge. Because of its larger size, it didn't fit on the scanner and I had to take a photograph of the painting so, it is not very clear. This painting is already sold.

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