About Me

I am a person with interests in diverse fields including (but not limited to!) sketching, painting, photography, writing, learning, and so on. You can learn more about me from my Google Profile.

Blogging is now a part of my life and thus, I would like to call myself a blogger. Nevertheless, I am equally a student doing my BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Nepal and have already completed three semesters out of the eight semesters of the program. My aim is to become an entrepreneur!

What is "Art By Prem (•) Com" all about?

I am a hobbyist artist who makes sketches and paintings occasionally, and Art By Prem (•) Com is a place where I share all my artworks with the world. It's that simple.

My Background on Arts

I have never taken a course or training on arts and whatever I have done up to now is the outcome of my own effort only.

My interest in drawing started since my childhood days. I used to get motivated to draw by seeing others art. Obviously, the first medium I used were color pencils and I started painting in watercolor medium much later, that is, when I was in Grade 8. That year I had changed my school and that changed everything, not least my 'art'.

As a result, I am extremely grateful to my beloved SOS Hermann Gmeiner School for nurturing my artistic abilities! They provided me all the necessary things including art materials and encouragement which motivated me to work as hard as I can. I made many paintings during my Grade 8, 9 and 10 and even though they weren't great, everyone praised my work. That was a great motivation for me.

When I moved to Grade 11 (AS Level), I started sketching and I heavily focused on it. I used to paint occasionally with acrylic colors and watercolors, in my own style, which I used to do during my early days of paintings. However, my focus was on sketching during my high school education.

What I am doing at Present?

At present, I am pursuing my artistic endeavors more objectively and often aided with research beforehand. My joining of WetCanvas Community (an online forum) has revolutionized my thinking and concept about art! I have restarted using the color pencil mediums and I am trying to maintain a balance between sketching and painting these days.

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